Smart Data Driving Digital Experiences


Twigged, simplifying event registration to allow greater engagement with your show.




Dashboard & Business Intelligence

A state of the art data visualisation solution, to enable a live overview of the event and individual actions, including a D&I and custom data reports for sponsors.



We create and curate data-driven streams, which enables our event partners to augment their existing events and future portfolio.

This creates a new element for the brand & event presence, increasing audience engagement before, during and after the event, improving digital relevance and reach and generating new revenue streams.


Augmented Events

Bespoke event Concepts & solutions

CX Strategy, UX & UI

Sponsorship strategy

Custom business intelligence

Virtual & Hybrid production

We work directly with event professionals, delivering fully managed, end to end, digital experience solutions.

We bring many years of global experience and creative flair to leverage the power of visual content in order to maximise the value of your brand, create bespoke experiences, improve ticket sales and reach audiences beyond the physical event space. We share the brand message more clearly and control the digital narrative around your event.

simply, better

We believe in the power of personalised experiences, and our award-winning global team are building smart digital ecosystems to enhance interconnectivity and personalisation.

Our methodology is collaborative and holistic, involving multiple data sources to create opportunities for growth.

We work with your teams to understand and isolate the targets you need to achieve, and to give you practical solutions to achieve them.

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